Thursday, July 30, 2009

Who's really caring about my health?

I will be completely honest...

I do not believe the government is the best judge of what kind of health care I can have or what kind my employer can have. And before I get tons of angry comments saying that's not what President Obama is going for, yes, you are completely right. I watch the news, read the articles online. (And for those of you wondering, I watch both FoxNews and CNN, read the NYTimes and the Wall Street Journal, so my opinions are not based on only one source.)

I am totally behind the idea that everyone is entitled to health care. Also, I am behind the idea that those more unfortunate people who are unable to afford health care will be able to be under some kind of plan. However, I do not agree on the route that is being taken to pay for this.

The figure being thrown around is around $1 trillion over the span of 10 years. That is a lot of money. And before you bring up the fact that this issue has been at the forefront of the problem with passing this health care bill, yes, I know. But first I want to take a different tack that I have not, to my knowledge, heard brought up on any of the news sites.

The government is setting aside funds to subsidize their own health plan, formally known as the "public option." This has many politicians riled because it has the potential of undercutting the private health insurance sector. But my gaffe is not about that. What I have a problem with is, what happens after those 10 years?

Ok, case in point. My family does not have health insurance because it's not affordable for us. And we have had our share of hospital stays, bills, etc. So let's say this healthcare bills passes and, because it is cheap insurance, we sign up under whatever plan the government offers. Now, fastforward 10 years and about $1 trillion+ later and suddenly, the money is not there for the health insurance plans. Now what happens? Does the government suddenly drop millions of people from this plan because it can't pay for it?

Which leads me to my second point and the one most hotly contested--how to pay for this plan. President Obama has assured, reassured, and reassured (well you get the picture) the middle class that the taxes will only hit the "rich" upper levels of the American classes. But what happens when the rich decide they don't like being taxed? Will the government renege on it's promise and start lowering the income level for the surtax in order to keep the health care program going? Will this plan become another Social Security, Medicare, or Medicaid? And then again, maybe all classes of Americans will be taxed one way or another to pay for this bill, be it through a tax on "unhealthy" foods, cigarettes, alcohol, etc? Or maybe it will come to not only paying for this health care plan, but also being taxed for it on top of the premiums? It would be like paying for car insurance, then getting in a wreck that your insurance covered, but still paying to have it fixed.

I do believe President Obama is trying to do a good thing. I just believe he's going about it the wrong way.

And please feel free to comment!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Brain Control?

What happens when someone gives you a suggestion?

Well, several things take place. First, you take that suggestion and process it in your mind, judging it against values that you've already set up--decision parameters, so to speak. Some of these parameters might include who the person is (i.e. is it someone you trust), what suggestion exactly has been made, if there are any "hidden" meanings in that suggestion, etc. Secondly, you formulate a response based on how that suggestion matched up to your parameters. Oddly enough, even though we know how we want to respond, depending on who the person is, or even your own personality, you may second guess you decision and end up just agreeing with the initial suggestion.

And here's the kicker--against our own personal values we allows someone's suggestion to manipulate us into reforming our response to be in the affirmative even though we totally disagree with the suggestion.

Maybe this is just me. I have no psychology background; this is just what I've observed in my own life. Some of you may say "You're just not confident enough to stick up for what you feel is right". Others may say "You're too much of a people pleaser and want to feel accepted". And maybe this is all true. But at the same time, does it really account for the fact that someone is suggesting something over and over again just to make a point?

I don't like "forceful suggestions"--suggestions that make me feel like I'm making the wrong choice if I disagree.

Maybe it is just all in my head...

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Have you ever wondered what path you would be on if you had made a different choice at any number of past decisions you faced?

Or maybe a quick decision is needed and you hesitate and then the moment is gone?

Welcome to my life. Second guessing and hesitation are my faults. I don't usually make a decision unless I'm almost 100% certain it's something that will work out. And usually such hesitation leaves me with no decision because the window of opportunity has already closed.

Just recently I've been thinking about several decisions that I hesitated on--one being about a girl I went to college with. To be perfectly honest, if I had not hesitated and had just asked her to be my gf, we would've probably been married by now. But, for some reason, I didn't make that choice. I decided to "play it safe". I wanted to get through college and wasn't sure if a relationship would help or hinder me--especially since she went to a different college not far away.

And now, even though we're still friends, I don't ever see getting back with her.

So I wonder--what if I hadn't hesitated? What if I had just taken the plunge, been a man, and just asked her to be my girlfriend?

They say hindsight is 20/20 and I say that's right. But how do you know when to think something over and when to just go for it?

That is my quandary.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Texas: Part 2

I work for a company called Security International. They deal with fire alarm and security systems. My official title is estimator/designer. I help research projects and put together bids for the contractors doing the construction. Eventually, I'll be learning AutoCad so I can design blueprints and all that fun stuff...which is something I really want to do.

And that's more or less what I moved down here for. I love living on my own more than the far!!

Also, the close proximity of a beautiful beach is definitely awesome! I like the area down here, even though it gets wicked hot and humid.... Also there are lots of Mexicans. Hearing Spanish being spoken around you more or less every day is, well, rather annoying. If it wasn't for the American-looking buildings and and cars and streets and everything, I would've thought I had driven too far and ended up across the border into Mexico.

Anyway, my apartment is slowly coming together into livable quarters. My bedroom is more or less done, as is the kitchen and bathroom area. Now I'm working on the living room area. I just bought a nice TV stand and TV. Also, my landlord gave me a futon/couch thing for free that someone else had left...So yay me! And it's black, so it fits in with my black/green scheme color thing for the living room. (Oh, and btw, a black lacquer/glass TV stand is freakin' heavy to carry up to the second floor all by yourself...just in case any of you out there try it!)

And that's more or less my move to Texas!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Texas: Part 1

Good day from Southern Texas!!

Wait, what?? Texas??

Yes, that's right. Many of you know by now, either via Twitter, Skype, or the Leaky Lounge that I had moved to Texas, but I am finally getting around to a long overdue blog about the whole thing.

And what better place to start than the beginning? (which is why this will take more than one blog post)

In February, one of the guys I had gone to college with, Ryan, (we were both Business students) came back to visit and also do a presentation about the company he was working for down in McAllen, TX. They had some openings and he was looking for people to fill them. I sat in on the presentation, mainly to just hear what he had to say and also visit with some other friends who had also returned for a visit at the same time. I talked with him briefly about it, but didn't really think much of going to Texas. I wanted to stay in Wisconsin close to family (on my mom's side) and also so I could visit my sister, a junior in college, and my brother, who is going to be a freshman this fall.

Well, the job opportunities I was looking at in WI fell through and I really had no idea what to do. Then, I thought of Ryan and his presentation. The company he was working for was expanding and there was something I was at least interested in trying--at the very least it was in my field of study at college (and finding something like that in this economy is becoming increasingly difficult). So, I contacted Ryan via Facebook and he was very excited that I was interested. See, in 2008, we were both on the same team for our Business Capstone project--basically we had to come up with a brand new company and create a business plan and present it as a viable company to our "investors". So, we had past working experience together and he knew how I worked.

Anyway, we got talking and then his dad called me to talk about the business (he is the owner). It was starting to look like the job opportunity was shaping up and I was headed to Texas. But then I didn't hear from them for about 2 or 3 weeks. I knew they were supposed to be calling me back, but never did. I was getting a little worried and my dad said I should probably start looking for something else just in case.

Well, I really didn't want to do any job searching. I kinda looked at some stuff, but really had no interest. (Although, there was a job opening as a CSR for Blizzard at their complex in Austin, TX. I really liked that one.) I decided to just text Ryan and see what was up. He immediately texted back with sincere apologies at dropping the ball. Some issues had come up at work and everyone was busy, etc. I understood, and said I was still interested.

Then, all of a sudden I was telling them that I would be down in Texas by the end of the month of June....